Discovery Process

The Process Is Simple




Our first conversation will likely take between 20 and thirty minutes. I will introduce myself and explain my services. You will be asked to share a bit about who you are, what you think you might be looking for in a business and any other information that will help me to understand your basic objectives. During this call I will also provide you with a brief but useful overview of the investment levels and financial opportunities associated with different business models in franchising. At the conclusion of this call, we will decide whether it makes sense to move forward.




You will be asked to complete the a questionnaire as a prerequisite to the Consultation. The results of this assessment will be incorporated into the Consultation, which will take between 60 and 90 minutes to complete. During this call we will itemize all of your criteria for business ownership. We will also review your resume and discuss in detail your professional experiences and abilities. The purpose of this call is to create a clear and shared understanding of what you are looking for in a business. I will rely on this information in creating a short list of franchise companies that meet all of your criteria for ownership.


We will review these options during the brand presentation, which typically takes place about three days after the Consultation.




After your brand presentation, I’ll assist you in evaluating which franchise opportunities to investigate. I will personally contact the franchises on your behalf to present you as a candidate. Each franchise will then contact you within 24-48 hours to start educating you on their brand and qualifying your potential as a franchisee.


The franchise investigation process takes an average of 6 weeks, and requires 3 to 10 hours per week of your time. During this period, we’ll have a set weekly call to review your progress. I will also share tools and techniques, helping you navigate the process with more focus and less frustration. Generally speaking, this is what you can expect to cover with each franchise you choose to investigate:


Step 1: The “getting to know you” call


Step 2: Education call about how their business model works


Step 3: Franchise Disclosure Document call


Step 4: Franchisee validation calls


Step 5: Interview with executive team members (CEO, VP, et al)


Step 6: Discovery Day