Many thousands of people have transitioned from employment to business ownership by investing in a franchise. The majority of people who start down this path will initially focus on the industries that are either most familiar to them or are most closely related to their hobbies or passions. They target their research on franchise opportunities within these narrowed boundaries.

A word of caution: when you only evaluate franchises that seem most familiar or interesting you are likely to be closing the door on countless opportunities which may offer greater earnings potential and for which you are better suited.

Start your search by asking yourself this question: What is more important to you, — what the business does? Or what the business can do for you? Until you know what you are looking for in a business, you should not start looking!

If you are at the beginning of your journey and just want to dip your toe in the water, then take time to become knowledgeable about franchising and the franchise matching and evaluation process.

Do I have what it takes to be successful as a franchise owner?

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