Love it or leave it | Liz Leonard - Franchise Advisor

Why I stopped defining myself by my job

One of the toughest decisions you will ever make is whether or not to leave a job. This is especially true when you dream of leaving your job to start your own business. Maybe you’re feeling stuck in your current job. Ideas of what your career could be are constantly entering your mind, but instead,…

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The Only Boss You Need is You: A Guide to Franchising | Liz Leonard

The Only Boss You Need is You

Maybe it’s losing your job, maybe it’s deciding to take action on your long overdue entrepreneurial dreams of starting a business, or maybe it’s just your need to escape the stressful corporate world. Whatever the reason may be that led you to consider options around business ownership, here are some of the things you should…

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Thinking of reinventing yourself? | Liz Leonard - Franchise Advisor

Thinking of reinventing yourself?

Thinking of reinventing yourself? An expert advisor might just be what you need.   You may have worked for corporate America for decades just like most of us. Those were long years of pure and all too consuming stress that did not bring enough career satisfaction and sense of well-being. While your high-paying salary had…

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What type of business best suits you? | Liz Leonard

What type of business best suits you?

Deciding to buy a small business is a major investment step. Choosing the right type of business is integral to the kind of success you will have. There are two broad categories of businesses you can consider: a franchise or an independent!   Both have merit.  To determine which is right for you, look for…

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Your Future Isn’t as Scary as You Think | Liz Leonard

Your Future Isn’t as Scary as You Think

For those accustomed to collecting a paycheck, the prospect of business ownership can be daunting and overwhelming. The natural self-doubt arises: Will I go into crippling debt? Is my business idea as strong as I think it is? What if I’m not the “entrepreneurial type?”   While fear of failure can’t be summarily dismissed, it…

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