Liz Leonard, Franchise Advisor

Franchise Owner Advisor helping fulfill the promise of success by finding the perfect franchise match for you


In these uncertain economic times, there are proactive steps you can take to create a stable, prosperous future.


I have been a corporate manager twice, a business owner, and the owner of two successful franchises.


I rose through the ranks of the corporate world only to be laid off through no fault of my own, the casualty of a merger. I vowed never to put myself in that position again.


I was a successful business owner. But I quickly learned that so much time and so many different skills are required of a sole proprietor that work-life balance becomes a daily challenge –  something I no longer find appealing as the married mother of two teenage girls.

The right franchise can give you the best of all worlds – the freedom and benefits of being in business for yourself without the downside of feeling entirely alone.  But how do you find the right franchise?  I’m here to help make that happen at NO COST to you.


When I was in business for myself I had to make every decision, pay for every service, learn every skill and go down uncertain paths searching for positive outcomes. As a corporate employee for more than 20 years, I had the illusion of security. It all vanished one day.


In the right franchise for you, the systems are proven, the track record is there, the marketing is established and ongoing. You’re in business for yourself but you are not alone.


And you’re not alone in your search for the right franchise, either. You have me to help you.


I’ll use everything I’ve learned to match your temperament, needs, circumstances, financial situation and life experience with the variety of factors and nuances that come into play at different franchises.


My goal is to find new options that open new worlds for you. That’s my passion.


Make tomorrow into more than just another day.

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