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If you are looking for someone who has successfully walked the walk of business ownership look no further. Liz understands that successful business owners need to strike a true balance; combining high-quality business systems together with disciplined, motivated entrepreneurs. She enjoys coaching and mentoring business owners across North America and is looking forward to helping you with your business search!

Liz Leonard | Franchise Advisor

Helping Entrepreneurs Find The Perfect Franchise

At a Crossroad in your Life?

In the course of my career in franchising, I have worked with hundreds of people who faced these kinds of moments in their lives, where they knew they had come to a fork in the road. I have been honored to work with people who sought my help and as a result, now own a business and are home in time for dinner!

These comments were made by people who were embarking on the journey to become an entrepreneur. Do any of these resonate with you?

Franchise Industries

  • Retail


    Business oriented
    General retail
    Women’s Boutique
    Consignment Sales
    Children’s products
    Specialty products
    Convenience Stores

  • Staffing

    Executive & Temporary placement services
    Medical Staffing

  • Health & Wellness

    Health & Wellness

    Fitness/Gyms – general
    Fitness – Specialty
    Nutrition, Health/Wellness
    Wellness/Health Testing, Screening

  • Pets

    Dog Training
    Boarding, Grooming, Pet Sitting
    Retail Services

  • Service Businesses

    Service Business

    Appliance Repair
    Commercial & Residential Cleaning
    Handyman Services
    Lock Smith
    Painting & Plumbing
    Restoration Services
    Window Cleaning

  • Food


    Fast/Casual Dining
    Smoothies & Juices
    Specialty Food
    Mobile Services
    Beverage related

  • Children’s Services

    Fitness and health
    Extracurricular Activities
    Children’s Education & Development
    Personal Care

  • Senior Care

    Senior Care

    Non-medical in-Home
    Medical In Home
    Mobility Products

  • Technology


    IT Services & Digital marketing
    Web Design

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Property Management/Maintenance Services
    Insurance Restoration

  • Business Services

    Coaching, mentoring & training
    Leadership training & development
    Sales training & mentoring
    Advertising and Marketing
    Packaging & Shipping
    Digital Marketing & Graphics
    Property Maintenance/Management

  • Medical


    Emergency Care Centers
    Drug/Alcohol/Wellness Testing

  • Personal Care

    Personal Care

    Hair Care
    Salons – specialty services

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